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Zetech University's Impact Thursday (1/02/2024). ICT and Entrepreneurship
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Navigating ICT and Entrepreneurship with GG Maina on February 1, 2024, Zetech University's auditorium buzzed with energy as GG Maina, an accomplished ICT Engineer with a rich background from JKUAT, took the stage. With over 15 years of diverse corporate experience spanning ISPS, Structured Cabling & Networking, IT Training, Data Analysis, and General ICT Consultancy across Kenya and Tanzania, Maina brought a wealth of insights to the mentorship session. Maina's address centered around four key principles: 1. Clarity of Vision - He emphasized the significance of having a clear destination in mind, urging participants to gain a profound understanding of where they aspire to be in their ICT and entrepreneurial journeys. 2. Identifying Turning Points - Maina encouraged introspection, prompting attendees to recognize pivotal moments in their lives-turning points that can serve as catalysts for personal and professional growth. 3. Discipline for Success - Stressing the role of discipline in achieving goals, Maina highlighted its transformative impact on both personal and professional development. 4. Documenting Aspirations - Participants were advised to articulate their life goals explicitly and put them in writing, emphasizing the importance of a strategic roadmap for future success. In a generous gesture, Maina added value to Zetech's library by donating 10 copies of his book titled "If Only." During the event, five lucky students also received personally signed copies. "If Only" challenges conventional views on regret, exploring it not as a source of personal disappointment but as a potent catalyst for growth and transformation. The book draws on biblical narratives and personal anecdotes, encouraging readers to view regret as a constructive force. Its core message lies in the belief that how we respond to regret defines our journey-shaping our lives, fostering personal development, and guiding us towards smarter decisions. "If Only" revolutionizes the perspective on regret, offering profound insights into harnessing. It for a more fulfilling future. Zetech University extends its gratitude to GG Maina for an enlightening mentorship session and the valuable addition of "If Only" to its library, further enriching the academic experience for students. By Kipkorir Brian Journalism student