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ocs zetech marie stopsOn the 28 th of September we had a training on innovative digital transformation solutions. The training was done in collaboration with wylde international and Meta Inc. The training was on digital skills with the aim of helping students create business impact in the digital space through Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram.

Student Leadership TrainingThe student leaders gathered in the auditorium for a leadership conversation with Mr. Onyango held on November 2nd, 2022. He's a project manager and has also studied political science.He started the session by letting the students introduce themselves and what field they major in.He discussed the traits a good leader must have like being supportive of their teams, innovative,motivated, competent and responsible.He put emphasis on how all leaders must possess these skills in order to offer good guidance and direction to their followers. He talked about the habits of highly effective people and how to practice these habits. The first habit he explained was how to be proactive. Effective people take steps to improve their lives in the areas that they can control or exert influence over. They don't sit and let things happen. The second habit he talked about was how to begin with the end in mind. He said one needed to create a clear vision of who they wanted to become and how to live that life. He urged all of us to have a personal mission statement that helps identify what is important and whether one is ready to take the necessary steps. Mr. Onyango taught the students a method of how to Put first things first.

ocs zetech marie stopsThe students of Zetech University took part in a financial wellness training program held on October 18th, 2022. Mr. George Muiruri, an executive leader both in Corporate and the NGO sector trained the students on the importance of emotional intelligence and how it leads to making right decisions when planning financially. He taught the students the benefits that come with saving early and how it can help in the long run when someone encounters an emergency or plans to invest in a business. He has been delivering open and customized Emotional Intelligence training and development in Kenya and the regions with excellence of execution that has led to various business transformation and results. The students learned valuable traits such as self-management and self-awareness which will help them in managing their finances while making conscious decisions. We are grateful for Mr. George Muiruri for taking the time to teach our students as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

ocs zetech marie stopsOn the 8th of June 2022 we had a reproductive health talk for our students done by Marie Stops. The students were given a talk about sexual transmitted diseases, contraceptives and other reproductive health issues faced by young ladies and gentlemen. The students had an opportunity to ask questions and also book appointments to go see doctors at Marie Stops. We are grateful to the doctors from Marie Stops who took tome to come and engage our students.

ajira digital training zetechZetech University partnered with Ajira to take students through a two-day training on digital skills. The training was on the 26th and 27th of May at the University Auditorium. The training was led by Ms Diana Njeri who is one of the digital trainers at Ajira. The students were trained on how to have an Upwork account with Ajira, to connect the Upwork account with either Mpesa or PayPal and how one can transact both the accounts with Upwork. Zetech University appreciates Ajira and Ms Diana Njeri for making her time and sacrifice for taking the students through the whole training.

zetech university financial trainingZetech University in partnership with Kwara, Hisa Technologies, and Kenyan Wall Street held training on the best ways to save and invest. The training was on the 2nd of March 2022 from 9.30 am to 1 pm. The guest speakers for the day were Mr. Eric Asuma (CEO Kenyan Wallstreet) and Mr. Eric Jackson (Chief Technology Officer and founder of HISA App).