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Light For the worldZetech University partnered with Light for the World and Inbusiness_initiative on November 3rd, 2022 to hold a mentorship talk for students on how to be ready for the job market. The guest speakers were Ms. Juliet Gateri, who is a tech recruiter and Mr. Oliver Tambo otieno, a HR business partner at L'Oreal. Ms. Juliet Gateri talked to the students about how to remain relevant in the job market. The key areas she stressed on was urging the students to choose and develop a career path and advised them to do something they're passionate about. She also challenged students to look for opportunities available in the market and take the necessary steps to acquire them.She identified her core values as time keeping, consistency, being disciplined and having confidence. She told the students about bootcamps they could join and get trained for free. Mr.Oliver Tambo otieno mentored the students on the importance of value and how to be valuable at work. He said that value is the capacity to solve problems. He taught the students to have skills and be competent, urged them to be persistent, consistent and most importantly solution oriented. We finally had a representative from light of the world who taught the students how to write the perfect CV and successfully sell yourself to the employer.The students

Health and WellnessZetech University Leo club partnered with Equity Afia Medical center to conduct a free cancer screening, hypertension screening, diabetes tests, deworming, blood donation and free eye and dental check-ups. Diana Aito, a student at Zetech University studying economic and statistics and also member of Leo club partnered to get students medical checkups for free. There were different tents where students visited to get checked and educated about health awareness.Faith wanjiku, a doctor from Medicines Sans Frontiers offered immediate response to victims who have been sexually assaulted. They help victims by preventing pregnancy, they collect and preserve forensic evidence and also provide the right medication to prevent HIV and STI'S.The students who participated were grateful to the university for being involved in conducting such initiatives as it shows care for the community. The event was successful and ended in a photo session with the guest doctors and students. The students

Safaricom Digital Talent Program Open MentorshipOn the 28 th of September, we had a mentorship session with professionals from the Safaricom digital talent program talking to students about the process of developing innovations and actualizing them into operational businesses. There was a team of mentors who took the students through the session with Engineer Andrew Masila who is the Head of Innovation as the lead mentor

Safaricom Digital Talent Program Open MentorshipRotaract club of Runda held a mentorship and an information session for students on the 26th of September 2022 at the Thika Road Campus. The information session about Rotaract was held by Dr. Watiri Kanyutu and mentorship done by RTN. PHF. Samuel Karanja who is a senior auditor at Earnest and Young. The students were able to get more information about the club and get career guidance from the guest speaker

Impact Mentorship 2022On the 22 nd of September 2022, Ms Zipporah Kuria who is the Managing Director at Aurum Consultants was the guest mentor. The event was held at the Thika Road Campus Auditorium from 3pm to 5pm. Ms. Zipporah is a resourceful and passionate individual with over 20 years’ experience in Human Resource Management. The students were taken through mentorship on how they can make themselves more competitive during recruitment.

I tech Community Mentorship 2022Zetech University I-TECH community was formed for the purpose of learning and practicing coding skills, web development, artificial intelligence as well as ethical hacking. On 20th October, 2022, we had guest speakers Mr. Bonevick Bundi who is a site developer and computer science expert. Mr. Ezron Kemboi is a programmer and has a bachelor's degree in management tracking. Ms. Maryl Maina is a software developer and works at ilara health by building their web applications.

Mr. Ezron talked about software engineering and how it is a branch of engineering that deals with the development of software products. It operates within a set of principles, best practices,and methods that have been carefully honed throughout the years.

They all talked about their career journeys and the many challenges they faced along the way.They told the students how important it was to have strong analytical and problem-solving skills and also be able to analyze complex technical information.

The students had a very interactive and educative session. The guest speakers offered internship opportunities and a chance to go to a boot camp and train on their skills. We are grateful for the opportunity to have gained more knowledge.

Umuhimu wa swalahThe Muslim students from Zetech University had a session with Sheikh Mbarak Ahmed Awes' on the topic "UMUHIMU WA SWALAH" on 13th October at the auditorium. In attendance were representative students from other universities such as KCA, Dedan kimathi, UON, TUK and MKU. Sheikh Mbarak Ahmed Awes' taught the students how Muslims highly regard prayer as an important aspect of their life. Prayer, in addition to the testimony of faith, the journey to Mecca and fasting during the period of Ramadan, forms the most significant model of religious life for Muslims. Salat is a ritual prayer highly upheld in the Muslim fraternity. It is a daily ritual prayer executed five times a day by all Muslims. He went on and explained the Pillars of Faith within the Islamic religion. They all partake in an extremely important role in the lives of worldwide Muslim adherents. They include Shahada (referring to beliefs), Salat (prayer), Zakat (charity),Sawm (fasting/Ramadan), and Hajj (pilgrimage). The Five Pillars of Islam are all different acts of worship to show devotion to Allah that transform and develop individual adherents, and powers the foundation of Islam and its core teachings. He also taught how a Mosque is important as it is the place all Muslims worship Allah. The session ended by the former chairman of Zetech University Muslim Union awarding a gift to Sheikh Mbarak Ahmed Awes' for taking his time to advice and offer guidance to the students. We look forward to another educative session.

ocs zetechOn the 26thof May 2022, Ms Rosemary Wambui who is the Human Resource Manager at Samchi Group was our guest mentor. The event was held at our Pioneer Campus room P208. Ms. Rosemary is a resourceful and passionate individual with over 10 years’ experience in the Hospitality and Human Resource. Ms Rosemary talked to the students about transferable skills, why they are important and how students can gain them. The participating students were able to interact and ask questions which Ms. Rosemary was able to offer guidance.

bic dermatology zetech universityZetech University partnered with BIC to hold a dermatology talk and clinic. During the event the students learned about their different skin types and ways they can take care and improve their skins health. The students also got to receive free haircuts from two invited celebrity barbers.

zetech university careers servicesOn the 17th of March 2022, Mr. Francis Masha Konde who is a Software Engineer at Safaricom Limited was the guest mentor. Mr. Francis guided the students about careers in software engineering and how they can shape their career to enable them be more competitive in the job market. The participating students were able to interact and ask questions which Mr. Francis was able to offer guidance.

zetech university careersOn the 10th of February 2022 Mr. Douglas Agongo who is a Relationship Coach, Youth Mentor, and Transformative speaker was our guest speaker. Mr. Douglas is the founder of VOWS, a relationship and marriage consultancy. He is a member and leader of the Kenya Students Christian Fellowship where he serves as the Nairobi County discipleship leader. Mr. Douglas is also an author of a book titled "GOD, ME and SEX" a book that gives direction on relationships when it comes to sex, relationships, and marriage.

zetech university office of career servicesZetech University in collaboration with 254 Youth Policy launched a 1-year mentorship program with the aim of giving guidance to students who are looking at pursuing careers in the field of public policy and research.

The program was launched on the 17th of February 2022 at Zetech University Thika Road Campus Auditorium. During the event the students got to get guidance from various speakers on the field of public policy and research and also on how they can be successful in their academics and careers.

zetech university office of career servicesOn the 10th of February 2022 we had the Program Coordinator at Sinapis Group (Ms. Jane Annette Mukuba) as our guest speaker. Ms. Jane is a resourceful, passionate individual committed to growth and learning. She has a passion for growing young people and helping them achieve amazing heights.

Ms. Jane told the participants about her personal journey in her career and business. She guided the students on how they can make themselves more competitive and get into their dream careers.

zetech university office of career servicesDuring the Impact Thursday on the 27thof January 2022, we had Ms. Dianah Kamande as our guest mentor. She is the Founder and Director of CTWOO National Organization. Ms Kamande is a devoted activist against Gender- Based violence prompted by her experienceas a survivor.

She has won several awards for her work. In December 2018 she was feted by president Uhuru Kenyatta with a Head of State Commendation (HSC).

zetech university office of career servicesAs part of the Zetech University Mentorship Program, The Office of Career Services organizes a mentorship session for members of different clubs and the general student population.

We invite guests who talk to the students and give them guidance in Career Development, Entrepreneurship, life skills among other topics.
On the 11th of November 2021 we had Ms. Rose Wambui Thuku (Head of Programs and Finance at Nafisika Trust) as our guest Mentor.